What to Wear

So you have booked your fun, amazing and memorable photo session with us and now you are probably wondering what you should wear.  No worries…we have you covered! Below are some great tips and examples when planning your outfits for your portrait session. You can also check out our Pinterest boards for additional examples.

Coordinate Outfits – It used to be very popular for everyone in the photograph to match their outfits exactly. Rather than everyone matching exactly, we recommended that you pick outfits that complement each other.

Wear colors and patterns – Adding a splash of color to your outfit will liven up your photos! Be sure to wear coordinating colors from a similar color palette. Try to avoid wearing large logos, as you don’t want that to be the focal point of the photograph.

Don’t wear solid white – Solid white can sometimes wash people out, so add a bit of color to your outfit selection.

Make it your own – We want you to pick outfits that represent your personality and allow the “true” you shine through.

Accessorize – Add scarves or jewelry to dress your outfit up a bit.

Think about your home decor – If you plan on hanging your beautiful photographs in your home, then choose outfits that will also complement your home decor.

Wear makeup – Add a touch more makeup than you wear on a daily basis, but be careful not to put it on too heavy.

Bring a change of clothes – Bring a change of clothes with you in case you want to have shots with different outfits. It is also a good idea to bring an extra change of clothes if you have kids (never know when you’ll have a diaper leak or acquire a grass stain in the middle of the photo session).

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